The 2014 floral and décor trends are in! Many of the new trends worked perfectly with the Winter Games. Randy gives us his take on the newest trends.

Q: The Olympics have a flower ceremony as well as a medal ceremony. In addition to using flowers at this year’s Olympics, The Knot is calling 2014 “The Year of the Flower” for events and weddings. What are your thoughts and how would you help flowers take center stage at an event?

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A: I love that the Olympics has a floral presentation in addition to medals! The flowers represent vibrancy and life of the overall event. Even more, the bouquets of the Sochi Olympics used flowers and greenery that represented the host city: yellow goldenrod, green and white chrysanthemums, and eucalyptus. Of course they also used laurel, which is the traditional symbol of the Olympic winners.

Flowers can be selected for their symbolic meaning to an event as well as their decorative beauty. You can incorporate these meaningful flowers into centerpieces for an inevitable focal point at an event. At a wedding or event with a seated dinner, a flower on the napkin ring can also really put floral decor in the guests’ view.


Q: Another popular trend that’s back this year is bright colors. Bright colors are popping up everywhere, from events to the Winter Olympics, with Germany’s rainbow outfits. Do you think bright, popping colors are a decor trend that can work well for events?

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A: It’s so interesting if you look at the German team–that designer intended it to be a wave of color as the athletes entered. This wave of color is similar to when audience members at the Super Bowl half-time show flip over colored pieces of paper. The client’s dream was extremely well executed. A similar effect can be created with flowers.

Bright colors can certainly be garish. But if you feature a single bright bloom in an arrangement or use one type of floral in an array of colors, the look truly stands out.


Q: Living statues and tables seem like the new entertainment at weddings: it looks like a creative way to add some fun and beauty to an event. The living table numbers below tie in beautifully with the Winter Olympics in Sochi, which featured a ballet scene from Tolstoy’s War and Peace in the opening ceremony, as well as multiple references to the Russian ballet in the ice dancing events. What do you think of this entertaining element?

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A: These lovely ballerinas with their table numbers are a perfect way to set up the elegance of a wedding or event. The idea is much less traditional than using ushers, which can feel stuffy. You want your guests to feel welcome and comfortable.

I think it is important to entertain your guests at an event. Featuring these living table numbers is functional performance art. However, there is a right time and place for elements like this: it’s not for every event.


Q: A trend that’s always stunning is the classic Grecian-inspired wedding. The Olympics always reminds us of the ancients, natural accents, and fine architectural designs. What do you think are the best ways to incorporate Grecian style into a wedding?

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A: This style is perfect for a wedding: who doesn’t want to feel like a god or goddess or their wedding day? The trick to making this trend work is to keep the decor simple and classic. I envision clean, white centerpieces in stone urns. You can also use columns to elevate arrangements for an ancient Greek look without going over the top.


Q: The 2014 Winter Olympics incorporated geometric shapes, patterns and bold colors into its posters and advertisements. Where do you think this trend will play into wedding decor?

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A: Color, for sure, is on the rise. I’m excited to start using more vibrant shades in wedding floral designs. To utilize geometry into your event design, use multiple containers of different shapes to create a “patterned” centerpiece.


Were you inspired by any of these looks?

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